I provide comprehensive neuropsychological assessments for children and adolescents ranging in age from 3 to 21 years. Quite simply, my mission is to be helpful to the children and families I serve.

A neuropsychological assessment provides an objective and thorough method of understanding a child’s thinking skills, learning style and behavior. My assessments are designed to help parents, schools and providers better understand and support the child/adolescent. The evaluation process includes synthesizing a large amount of information obtained from parent/caregiver, record review, collateral contact (e.g., medical providers, therapists), behavioral observations, formal testing, and questionnaires. I work with families, providers and schools to provide families with a range of evidence-based recommendations that that can be realistically implemented. I strive to be responsive, honest and compassionate in working with families and children.

Please review the contents of this website to find out more information about my practice and the details of a neuropsychological assessment.